Deconstructing Constructions


I was walking just a few days ago when i came upon THIS.

Two buildings side by side. One of them half demolished the other looking at his own fate.

I am not sure  exactly what captured my sight and my being.

Perhaps because i noticed a pink room and a green room and i started to think of the kids that were in those rooms one day.
Then i started to think about all the people that lived there one day.

All the birthdays that were celebrated, and the possible deaths that may have occurred.  After all i had never seen the inside of a building. I had never seen a building inside out.

I was reminded of myself, my own excavation of my self… the places i have been. The deep dark forest within that helped me find the single pearl. The questions i have asked about births and deaths and children and the elderly.

I like knowing that i ask and i wonder. It is sometimes a bit heavy, perhaps on my shoulders…. like the building that is heavy at its core.

Even when the building comes down the experiences will always and always live. I find that i also might loose parts of my beliefs or one day be a bit heavy and one day light one day blond and another brunette, but the experiences will always remain.

I hope the people in this building are not around…. or if they are i hope they see the demolition as a new start and not as an end.

I hope I too am able to look at myself every now and again with new eyes. Perhaps consider myself as an animal that sheds skin but remains.

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  1. mahshid jamneshan says:

    bahareye aziam ,, az khoondane soroodehat lezat mibaram azizam ,

  2. Bahareh Jan,
    Just let us think about warm moments that group of people passed there,
    Just let us think this outer side is a beast that covers the beauty,
    Just Let us think the experience which remains is for the birth and light time,
    Just let us think Happiness & Light exist everywhere…

    • Dearest Raz,

      It has been a while that i have heard the beauty of the inner and outer and then inner and dark and light.
      Thank you for the reminder my friend.
      I needed this now.
      As always your words shed light.

    • Dearest Soudeh, Yes, we can look only at the warm thoughts and feel only the beauty and forget the beast.
      But such truths are hard for people like you and me that see light where others see darkness and see darkness in the middle of the day.
      How odd, I just asked our mutual friend Baha about you…. just a day ago, I asked with concern, thank you for shedding light.
      Happiness and light exist everywhere you are.

  3. I love this poem. I love the pictures and the words. I love the way you see into things and then bring them into yourself and then out. That is the rare gift of light and sight that only you have. WOW.

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