A Treasure Hunt into the Heart of Special Needs Children at the Royal Stables

Visit to Special Needs Children at Royal Stables

Visit to Special Needs Children at Royal Stables

What a magical morning I have just spent at the Royal Stable in Abu Dhabi with Children, Parents, Trees, Birds and Bees and Horses and even Angles with no wings.

“These children are students with special needs from AIS and this event is organized by the moms 4sn. Students with special needs invited one of their non disabled  classmate or friend or family member  just to support the idea of inclusion in the school.” As quoted from moms 4sn, whom I would like to thank for inviting me along with Mariam from Royal Stables.

I am truly touched to have been invited to participate today.

What I have brought back home with me is yet a new vision in life for life. To see life through the hearts of children is a beautiful way to see life, and today while telling the story of going on the treasure hunt in the forest I came across some special friends whose names are:

Omar, Rodrian, Khalid, Laya, Ali, Karim, Khaled, Muhannad, and Ziad….. (Friends forgive me if I have missed a name, if I have write to me and tell me and I will add it here. My Email is connect@bahareh.com)

As travel companions we searched by the sea, and in the desert and in the forest for a treasure and here I dedicate a peom to you with the answers you gave.

I am now 45 years old and have been looking high and low for treasures all my life
Yes, you are right, there is a treasure to be found in Gold, Magic, Platinum and Diamonds
Ineed, there is a treasure to be felt in Caring and in Nature and to find
Always a treasure in Amazing Stuff, and in Angels and in Jewles
As a few of you mentioned also in Laughter and in Listening
How wise you are all how gentle and kind
Thank you for taking me on this journey with you today
Please remember no matter what when where: You have a treasure within you that ONLY you have
A shining star within that leads the way in your life
Listen to your heart always

I am blessed to have come on this trip with you today and I will treasure these friendships always and always

How Lucky for me my Mother was here for the Treasure Hunt

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  1. “Blessed are the innocent, the angels without wings
    Pure is their spirit, Mercy their smile brings
    When deeds will count and not worldlty things
    They’ll pull you to heaven, where the green bird sings”

    It is great to see my you my soul sister Bahareh and my soul mother with the special children of Allah.

    Thank you for sharing the joy – at this hour of the dark night, their joyful faces have spread divine light around me.

    May they see the world’s purest joys and eternal bliss. So also those who nurse them like flowers.


    • Bahareh Amidi says:

      And in the quiet of the night… when the angels were sleeping the children were yet awake and at play.
      Thank you dear soul brother for your kind words, I recieve with humility for I am nothing but a servant and yes, indeed along with mother a nurse in the Garden of Eden. Thank you.

  2. trixmetheeus says:

    I love this piece. I love the heart that fills the page. I love the colors that paint the words. I love the beauty of the poetess within the lines. I am so glad to see that we have humans like you in this world that find the extraordinary in the ordinary, that touch the human spirit with such compassion and light. Keep on growing and shedding your light upon this darkened world. The world needs you. I need you.

    • Bahareh Amidi says:

      Yes, my dear keeper of all secrets, my friend…. Thank you the world needs souls that hear the flight of hearts. The world needs souls like you and and I that hear the bats flying in the day at mid day. And I need you to remind me to keep my rainbow glasses on and to continue to SEE the world and spread the wings of those whose wings may be clipped, but whose flight is assured only by LIGHT. Thank you

  3. great job,,, realy awsm….

    • Bahareh Amidi says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I hope to hear more of your opionions on the work I do. Pleasure knowing that you are reading my posts.

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