This morning, which is May 14th 2012, I was looking at the newspaper much like any other morning, when I came across an article which TOOK me.

I had read the title on the first page “Dubai Creek expands in Dh600 million plan”, “Syria rebel leadership in turmoil”, “Infant drowns in bucket of water”, “Camel clone has the looks of a winner”, “Hunger strike prisoner put on drip in hospital”,Until the Comment Page where I saw titles such as “A hunger striker nears death, yet Israel is unmoved” and a few others, finally on the bottom of page 16 I saw this title…. “Where does inspiration come from? Don’t ask the Greeks” notebook by Saeed Saeed.

I had to drop off my daughters at school, take a walk on the beach and then when I came home as if a magnet, I went right back to the newspaper. I had started reading the article, but had not quite taken it in.

The article discusses “We can’t blame the erroneous descriptions of creativity on modern media alone, of course. Discussions about inspiration are about as old as creating itself.

The ancient Greeks believed inspiration to be a state of temporary madness, where the artist – in his trance-like state of ecstasy – ceases to be themselves and instead acts as a mere vessel, channelling the creativity of the gods.

Scandinavian societies during the Viking age believed inspiration as a gift; a divine distinction given to do-gooder by the ones above.

Then goes on to talk about what Freud said about motivation and then talks about Author Stephen King who writes 10 pages or 1,500 words a day unfailingly. Is it a matter of discipline or does it just arrive?

I have been writing for the past two years, in that time, I have been blessed with just over 50 journals and numerous blog posts. I always say that the poetry arrives and I just write. There are however times that I sit down with the intention of writing something special. Let’s say for the celebration of Nurse’s Day, that is not something that just arrives. Or let’s say when it was April and Autism awareness month…. then I actually did some reading and watched some videos and attended the awareness walk and then wrote a piece.

Here is the Link to the Article

I continue to look around and look for what might INSPIRE me today…. is it something inside or out?
Is it something I will read or I should not read?
I would love to hear from you, please write me a comment and tell me what inspires you to write, draw, paint, or even inspires to to accounting? Just WHAT INSPIRES YOU?!
Thank you

My Journals

My Journals

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  1. You inspire me Bahareh – a writer who takes inspiration from everything.
    Childern inspire me – the purity and spontaneity of their actions and emotions.
    faith and man’s trust in God inspires me.
    Tears of repentance and longing to meet the inspire me.
    The undying human spirit in the face of calamities inspires me.
    The kindness of strangers in a strange land inspires me.
    God, Allah, Eeshvar, Deus inspires me.

    • Bahareh Amidi says:

      Truly beautiful dear friend and fellow writer…..
      Children are purity and so they always inspire
      Faith is light and so nothing but the dinvine truth for me
      Tears of happiness or repentace and longing speak in volumes and volumes
      The Dying human body in light of the spirit continuing to live inspire me
      And the gentle kindness of strangers when I meet myself in the mirror sometimes and a brother holds such truth inspires me
      Thanks and Praise be to the Eternal God,Allah and Light that continues to connect us all
      Thank you for this shared moment in time

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