I took this trip to HERE and NOW with RUMI



I took this trip to HERE and NOW with Rumi

If I were to to begin from this very moment

here now to tell you the tale of the happenings

in my life that have brought me here now


I would have to start with the day I heard the call-

A loud and yet gentle call through the gentle breeze

of the morning not yet arrived


On that morning of the Light experience

the connections started to happen

At first a connection of body to soul and beyond


Then the connection of every atom in the body

to all atoms in the universe and even beyond


This simple story will tell the tale

Or perhaps I should say this Epic Poem

will tell the tale of mysteries yet unfound


It all started with a longing and search

As if Adam and Even discovering

the Garden of Eden before their fall


On that day the Bahareh in cocoon broke out of the shell

of the body and became simply



Ray with no attachments but simply flight

Ray with no Sting

Ray reaching


Ray starting to Dance among the snowflakes with the bees

Ray taking off the shoes sewn to her feet


Ray wearing only white

Purity of heart

Faults released

Ray doing the Dance from Rumi’s time


The dance of the moth around the candle

The Ray simply glowing with no where to hide
Out of the cocoon on top of the universe seeing truths

Truths through the eyes of the elephants and ladybugs too


Truths of hearts broken mother cradling no child

Child latching on to the lies weaved over time


The tent

The family

The fake settlement

called home

country or earth
Listen now I am speaking simply of here Now




This momentous moment is what matters at all

Capturing a heart with a simple smile.

May 17, 2015

5 am

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