Bahareh in The Daily Nai Baat in Pakistan

I opened my face book page today and I was in awe of what I saw. A long detailed post in a language I could not read, but felt deep within. Mr. Shabbeer Soomro has given me this honor. When I asked him what had inspired him to write this article he wrote: “DEAR Ms […]

Abu Dhabi Week

  Poet Bahareh speaks to Abu Dhabi week about her upcoming recital at the Date Palm Festival. The 6th Emirates International Date Palm Festival will be held at ADNEC Performance begins at 6.30 pm until 7pm.  Bahareh will be performing with the young musicians from Bait Al Oud: Kariem Hashem, Muhammed Saadah and Hamzah Saadah. […]

What’s On

  Bahareh talks about her work with the community and Poetry Therapy, and her upcoming performance with Speak Abu Dhabi at the Paris Sorbonne University.

The National

  Hamdah is an inspiration for me and her words take me deeper into my flight. Read her interview in the National on her journey through poetry and her experience with Speak Abu Dhabi. Read Article! 

Time Out

  Poet Bahareh speaking on her community outreach and Speak Abu Dhabi poetry show at the Paris Sorbonne University. Read Article!

Khaleej Times

Poet Bahareh talks about bringing ‘Speak Abu Dhabi’ to the Paris Sorbonne University Read Article!

THE NATIONAL: Arts And Life “Speak Abu Dhabi”

A wonderful article in todays National about our event…… Thank you to Rebecca McLaughlin-Daune for the very complete tale of the evening. And to Lee Hoagland for the Imgaes. Please Read more about the Event  

City TIMES: Emirates Literature Festival; Adult the FRINGE

We were featured in the City Times on Tuesday February 28th 2012, right along all the other famous people like Meryl Streep and Jean Dujardin. We had a wonderful performance. Everyone from Miranda Davidson and her group to Dubai Drama Group and the wonderful Sach Holden and Aspen Aman accompanying on Gong. The music, the […]

Gulf News…. Bahareh Amidi

Saturday November 12th 2011 An honor to be part of the news in the Gulf…. never the less on page 5 of the main paper… who would have thought…. I know when one is doing the right thing and is on the right path things happen without rhyme or reason. Great full for each drop […]

Paul McCartney is coming to Abu Dhabi to see ME?

I never imagined that one night it would be Paul in Abu Dhabi and the very next night would be my poetry recital. One never really knows where each path takes us. It is beautiful to see that words sung and words recited can bring people together in some sort of harmony for a moment […]

5 Life Lessons as noted in The National newspaper Magazine

5 LIFE LESSONS Look inside for your mirror…….From the moment we are born we are given and we are held from hand to hand and in the bosom of a few.  As we grow up as a child our peers become our identity. As we go on to school, our grades show us our worth. […]