Book Launch of Carousel of Life at Stanford Bookstore in California

  Join us for the launch of my new book, The Carousel of Life:  Forty Tales through Poetry and Art. The Carousel of Life: 40 Tales Through Poetry and Art is a compilation visual arts and poetry that nourishes the soul and exhilarates the senses. Each of my 40 varied poems, which touch on everything […]

Spreading Love and Light at the Ladies Labor Camp in Abu Dhabi

I would like to thank members of the ACS community especially Julia Grifferty and Nuno Andrade for inviting me to be part of a magical afternoon at the ladies camp in Khalifa City A. The purpose of the gathering for me was to have a time away from the daily life, both for the students […]

I took this trip to HERE and NOW with RUMI

I took this trip to HERE and NOW with Rumi If I were to to begin from this very moment here now to tell you the tale of the happenings in my life that have brought me here now   I would have to start with the day I heard the call- A loud and […]


Dear Friends,  It gives me great pleasure to invite you to attend the launch of my latest poetry book The Carousal of Life: 40 Tales Through Poetry and Art.  This book is a collaborative work that pairs 40 poems written by myself with 40 corresponding visual art pieces contributed by 40 artists from around the […]

“The Carousel of Life” forty tales through poetry and art. Gratitude to all Artists

Where does one begin, does the carousel have a start or finish? Is there a place one actually gets onto this carousel of life? All my life I have been asking questions, seemingly with no answers. Now, I am sharing some of my stories with you. These stories come in the form of a book […]

Space Meets Time – iPhone Art Meets Words

I can hardly believe it, it is almost a year ago that my dear friend Linda Hollier shared with me one of her pieces. Well, let me go back a few years actually to the coincidental way we met. I was learning how to use Twitter, my dear friend, teacher and brother Farrukh Naeem and […]

Bahareh in The Daily Nai Baat in Pakistan

I opened my face book page today and I was in awe of what I saw. A long detailed post in a language I could not read, but felt deep within. Mr. Shabbeer Soomro has given me this honor. When I asked him what had inspired him to write this article he wrote: “DEAR Ms […]

The Butterfly out of the Cocoon

How does flight begin….. Well that all depends if we are talking about the flight of soul or the flight of body or in this case flight of a butterfly. I had gone to my friend’s home to go for a walk with her, she said we need to wait for the person that is […]


Your Words Your Voice has been a gift from the universe to me and here in this form from me to you. Like many other gifts, it has been in the making for many years, and many people have contributed to its Light. I thank each and every travel companion, my teachers, students and guides. […]

Pigeon Mail – Express Delivery – Poetry Therapy Across Continents

Sometimes there are no words to describe an encounter, no words better than the actual words and so here is a magical encounter: 11/26/13 Dear Bahareh, I hope this email finds you well. I will introduce ‘One Word’ to my Master 1 Psychology students tomorrow as our Poetry Therapy sequel and I am writing to plant a seed…  […]

The Artist In The Window

I was walking in our neighborhood the other afternoon, running a few errands and taking in the sights and sounds of the universe as I sometimes do. There, that is when I saw someone sitting in the window, leaning over and doing something, I looked closer, and was amazed at what I saw. And of […]

Today I Light a Candle

Today I light a candle. Today I light a candle in silence but with many tears. I hold my breath as I think of the sisters and brothers around the world. All our brothers and sisters, all who carry the same light in their hearts and all who have the same color blood. All Today […]

The Power of Art and Poetry: Meeting Lanre Olagoke on my Path

There is a story I want to tell you… It was a chance meeting. We were walking in London along with my family when my husband noticed a painting in the window of a gallery, he casually said: “Oh what a nice painting” and walked on. I stopped and looked and told him and the […]

A Poem for Nelson Mandela Our Madiba From Abu Dhabi

                      It was the biggest honor of my life to be able to recite a poem for Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service in Abu Dhabi today. If I were to take you with me on this wonderful journey of an hour-long in Abu Dhabi celebrating the […]

Video of Poetry Therapy with John Fox and Bahareh Amidi in Abu Dhabi

Dear Dear Friends Travel Companions,  Hello, hope you are all well. Summer has come and gone and we are all settling back into our routines.  Some of us are finding new routines. As the hot days of Abu Dhabi turn to warm and as the leaves will not be changing colors, I am reminded of […]

Touched by Wisdom of One Soul

A couple of months ago, I got a most beautiful email from my niece Kira. She is actually the daughter of a very close friend. Somehow Kira and I have had a bond since the very beginning of our meeting. I always enjoyed our family visits but it was the time I had with her […]

UAE pays tribute to Nelson Mandela: My poem among 67 Inspiring Stories

When 2 years ago a dear friend told me about a tribute that was being organized for Nelson Mandela, I was so touched that there is indeed recognition of such an incredible man. A man who has spent his life giving voice to those that may not otherwise be heard. A man who even when […]

My trip to Palestine planting Olive Trees and visiting Holy Sights

For the Future Planting trees early in spring we make a place for birds to sing in time to come.  How do we know? They are singing here now. There is no other guarantee that singing will ever be. Wendell Berry Thank you to all the people who made this trip possible. Thank you for […]

Poetry Therapy at Emirates Literature Festival 2013

Bringing Poetry Therapy to the Emirates Literature Festival in Dubai was such a joy. It was wonderful to spend the day in Dubai among books, authors, publishers and friends. This year I had decided that I wanted to bring more than just a poetry recital to the Literature Festival. I wanted to bring the concept […]

Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature: Experience Poetry as Healer; This Moment Here Now. March 7, 2013

  Event: Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature: This Moment Here Now Speaker and Presenter: Bahareh Amidi Date: 7 March, Thursday Time: 7:30 PM – 8:15 PM Venue: Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City Bahareh Amidi, ( the Iranian-American spiritual poet and poetry therapist in training, takes you on a journey within YOU. Come and discover the […]

Poetry at Emirates National School for Girls in Abu Dhabi

I would like to dedicate this blog to each and every student that I met on my visit at the Emirates National School in Abu Dhabi.  I would also like to thank each and every teacher and administrator that attended the workshop sessions. From the Arabic teacher to Mr. Paul who came from the boys […]

A Poem for Martin Luther King

I Have A Dream Speak Poetry I sit in silence I sit in silence and in no prayer I sit with my hands together I sit not even knowing my name Beyond the space where I sit I remember him I remember the person that reminded us of the beauty of no colors I remember […]

A Poem by a Special Needs Advocate

  I feel like a changed person since meeting Hamdah Khalfan Al Mansouri. The first thing that caught my attention was the empowering smile. The smile said Yes I can and also Yes you can. She has not walked, but she has traversed the universe with her passion and with her words. I feel fortunate […]

A Thank You Note to my Travel Companions at the Poetry Therapy Workshop

Dear Travel Companions, How to begin to thank you for this wonderful gift of our time together today. How fortunate I am to have found you all at this point of my journey on this day. Today was the first official Poetry Therapy session I have held, the first of many I know. The session […]

The Pilgrimage Within: A Poetry Writing and Healing Workshop. Saturday January 12. Cafe Arabia

Dear Friends, it is such a pleasure and honor for me to continue in the footsteps of my mentor and teacher John Fox. During his visit to Abu Dhabi, he had a wonderful poetry writing and healing workshop at Cafe Arabia. There were many in the group that showed an interest in getting together on […]

New Year Resolution 2013 Mind Soul and Body

Here we are at the onset of another year. As always there are those of us that start thinking of New Year Resolutions. There were times that I with the help of one of my older brothers Hamid, who passed away 23 years ago, used to make resolutions each year. Hamid (God rest his soul) […]

Teacher: John Fox, Student: Bahareh, Lesson: Poetry Therapy

The great fortune of having a teacher on one’s path. I think it is true what they say when the student is ready the teacher appears. That has been the case for me all my life as I have come across really wonderful teachers in my life. I had the great honor of having my […]

School Shooting at Sandy Hook Connecticut: Poem: Children, Teachers ,Guns,Lives and Deaths

How does one begin to sit with the news of the shooting at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. I am reminded of the times I have seen a child fall on the ground with a scratched up knee, and how my heart beats faster. Now to think of children’s blood being shed and on the […]

Poetry Therapy with John Fox at Cafe Arabia

Come to Cafe Arabia to hear John Fox, CPT speak on the healing power of poetry and how it can help you * gain insight and express caring * celebrate and affirm your blessings * cope better with losses and change * build community and find more meaning John Fox will share this with you in […]

Writing Poems as Stress-Relief and a Bridge to Possibility – with John Fox at Tamakkan

TAMAKKAN PRESENTS- OPTIMISING ENTREPRENEUR PERFORMANCE IN 2013: WELLNESS OF MIND, BODY AND SOUL December 9 | 6-8 pm | Al Mamoura Auditorium, Abu Dhabi | Free seminar PROGRAMME INCLUDES: JOHN FOX, Renowned American poetry therapist and founder of the Institute of Poetic Medicine, California: “Writing Poems as Stress-Relief and a Bridge to Possibility” BAHAREH AMIDI, […]

Poem Making to Recharge Body Mind and Soul – with John Fox at Body Tree

Come and join internationally respected poetry therapist and poet John Fox in using poetry and poem-making to recharge body, mind and soul — as an antidote to the intensity of daily life.  This kind of creativity, rooted in healing and self-discovery, rather than literary critique, enhances quality of life. Poetic language, language that comes from […]

Speak Abu Dhabi at Sorbonne, Masters: Rumi, Darwish, Baudelaire and US. November 14. Poetry and Music

 Please Check details and join on our Face Book Invite Page ‘Speak Abu Dhabi’ – a first-of-its-kind series of poetry performances uniting the past and the present, the local and the international – is back in Abu Dhabi. MASTERS OF POETRY: RUMI, DARWISH, BAUDELAIRE English, Arabic, French PerformancesThe first edition of Speak Abu Dhabi celebrated […]

Breast Cancer Awareness, Thoughts, and Poem

  It  is October once again, and somehow everywhere I look there is pink. Yes, it is Breast Cancer awareness Month. Do I want to know how I can beat the odds and not be the one out of eight women with breast cancer. Yes, I do want to  know. If there is a knowing […]

Malala Yousafzai : Poem dedicated to the Voice of Women and Girls All Around the World

As I sit with the news of Malala Yousufzai’s shooting… I start to consider the importance of being shot in the throat and head. The head where the mind lives and grows and the throat that gives life to the thoughts. Poem about the Voice of Women and Girls all Around the World When I […]

[Interview in English] Malala Yousufzai – the Voice of Courage

  Some times I sit by the computer with out a blink of an eye or a breath. I want to say something about how I feel, but the words do not come out. This is one of those times. When I heard and read about the young girl named Malala that was shot in […]

Speak Abu Dhabi: Celebrating the Masters Rumi, Darwish and Baudelaire at the Sorbonne, November 14th 2012

It is truly hard to believe that another Speak Abu Dhabi event is just around the corner. For those of you who were with us for the first in the series you remember that it is night of Poetry and music. It is a night of words and vibrations.  Mostly though it is a night […]

My Teacher of Poetic Medicine John Fox is coming to Abu Dhabi

This would be like any child’s dream right? To have one of their favorite teachers actually come for a visit! And now that very same thing is happening for me! My teacher of Poetry Therapy is coming for a visit to Abu Dhabi. John Fox will be here from December 5th until December 15th 2012. […]

In The Moment: A Night of Poetry, Painting and Music

It all started the Moment when Laila and I met. It was a very casual meeting of people, and soon became a beautiful meeting of hearts and souls. I was in California for a month during the summer, taking some courses in Poetry Therapy and also visiting family. I met Laila by chance at my […]

Paralympics 2012, Stephen Hawking and the Big Bang And the Essence of Life

The essence of Olympics to me somehow was lost, I am not sure if it was because of the games or because of my own state of being. Then I started watching the opening ceremony for the Paralympics games and I felt the Essence of the Universe coming together to watch and celebrate athletes competing […]

Operation Smile: Perhaps more beautiful than Mona Lisa smile is Maria’s Smile

I recieved an email about a month ago from Vivek Mukherjee asking if I would do poetry recital at a fund-raiser for Operation Smile.  At that moment in time, I did not know much about this wonderful organization. I accepted happily, but as time goes by and the more I learn about Operation Smile, the […]

Poetry Therapy Course

It has been exactly three weeks since the completion of our first session of courses for poetry therapy. I have been wanting to write about the experience almost everyday, but each day I have not. I am not sure why, perhaps because the experience was so Grand that I do not see it fit to […]

Fathers Day Poem

On this father’s day I feel fortunate to know what a true father looks like On this father’s day I am lucky to have sensed the touch of a kind heart Who was with me at birth and with whom I was at death My father helped me believe who I was And that was […]

Villaggio Mall Doha Qatar Fire, A tribute to fire fighters

It is hard to find the place in my throat where a sound may come and I may say a few words. On such days, as today, another 13, 19, or more die. But on such a day, the children do not die of famine, disease or earthquake. They die of a fire inside a […]

A Poet’s thoughts about ARABANA a short film by Nayla Al Khaja at TEDx Abu Dhabi

  Nayla Al Khaja shared one of her short films with us called Arabana, during TEDx Abu Dhabi.  Please only watch the film knowing  it is the story of abuse and neglect of a little girl and only if you are in the space and mind to watch such a movie.  While watching the film I […]

TEDx Abu Dhabi 2012 Poetry Therapy; writing about Images and Feelings

To be a part of TED was truly an honor and a pleasure. I mean just to say you are going to a TED gathering brings with it all those wonderful images and thoughts of all the wonderful speakers that have come and gone but never really gone out of one’s mind, psyche and being. […]

Memorial Day 2012: A POEM

Memorial Day How does one mark the days that one does not remember How does one mark a grave with no name but only with a life inside no longer It is in service that most of these burials have happened and it is in remembering that we remind ourselves it is good not to […]


This morning, which is May 14th 2012, I was looking at the newspaper much like any other morning, when I came across an article which TOOK me. I had read the title on the first page “Dubai Creek expands in Dh600 million plan”, “Syria rebel leadership in turmoil”, “Infant drowns in bucket of water”, “Camel […]

120 million dollars for SCREAM….120 words for “Portrait of the Soul”

For a person who has FELT the SCREAM, I am not at all shocked about the price. I do not want to yell or scream. I only want to say that indeed Edvard Much was able to catch a glimpse and paint the “Portrait of the Soul”. The soul that has felt loss knows what […]

A Treasure Hunt into the Heart of Special Needs Children at the Royal Stables

What a magical morning I have just spent at the Royal Stable in Abu Dhabi with Children, Parents, Trees, Birds and Bees and Horses and even Angles with no wings. “These children are students with special needs from AIS and this event is organized by the moms 4sn. Students with special needs invited one of […]

A Poem about Autism

How does one allow oneself to write about Autism when one is not From what I have read, watched and seen and heard I realize that it is a state of BEING Being here and now and Present at times with TOO many thoughts around Being here and now and Present and with NO ONE […]