Spreading Love and Light at the Ladies Labor Camp in Abu Dhabi

I would like to thank members of the ACS community especially Julia Grifferty and Nuno Andrade for inviting me to be part of a magical afternoon at the ladies camp in Khalifa City A. The purpose of the gathering for me was to have a time away from the daily life, both for the students […]

Pigeon Mail – Express Delivery – Poetry Therapy Across Continents

Sometimes there are no words to describe an encounter, no words better than the actual words and so here is a magical encounter: 11/26/13 Dear Bahareh, I hope this email finds you well. I will introduce ‘One Word’ to my Master 1 Psychology students tomorrow as our Poetry Therapy sequel and I am writing to plant a seed…  […]

Poetry Therapy at Emirates Literature Festival 2013

Bringing Poetry Therapy to the Emirates Literature Festival in Dubai was such a joy. It was wonderful to spend the day in Dubai among books, authors, publishers and friends. This year I had decided that I wanted to bring more than just a poetry recital to the Literature Festival. I wanted to bring the concept […]

Poem Making to Recharge Body Mind and Soul – with John Fox at Body Tree

Come and join internationally respected poetry therapist and poet John Fox in using poetry and poem-making to recharge body, mind and soul — as an antidote to the intensity of daily life.  This kind of creativity, rooted in healing and self-discovery, rather than literary critique, enhances quality of life. Poetic language, language that comes from […]

Speak Abu Dhabi: Celebrating the Masters Rumi, Darwish and Baudelaire at the Sorbonne, November 14th 2012

It is truly hard to believe that another Speak Abu Dhabi event is just around the corner. For those of you who were with us for the first in the series you remember that it is night of Poetry and music. It is a night of words and vibrations.  Mostly though it is a night […]

In The Moment: A Night of Poetry, Painting and Music

It all started the Moment when Laila and I met. It was a very casual meeting of people, and soon became a beautiful meeting of hearts and souls. I was in California for a month during the summer, taking some courses in Poetry Therapy and also visiting family. I met Laila by chance at my […]

Operation Smile: Perhaps more beautiful than Mona Lisa smile is Maria’s Smile

I recieved an email about a month ago from Vivek Mukherjee asking if I would do poetry recital at a fund-raiser for Operation Smile.  At that moment in time, I did not know much about this wonderful organization. I accepted happily, but as time goes by and the more I learn about Operation Smile, the […]

TEDx Abu Dhabi 2012 Poetry Therapy; writing about Images and Feelings

To be a part of TED was truly an honor and a pleasure. I mean just to say you are going to a TED gathering brings with it all those wonderful images and thoughts of all the wonderful speakers that have come and gone but never really gone out of one’s mind, psyche and being. […]

Speak Abu Dhabi: Live Coverage of Poetry Evening celebrating the Masters Rumi,Gibran and Khayyam

Where does one begin to describe such an experience, a night full of love, light and friendship. A night where voices were heard for the first time and a night where voices continue to echo in my heart and soul. As you know, “Speak Abu Dhabi, was a night that the Masters Rumi, Gibran and […]

My first Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2012

The Book Fair Experience is one that I had had before, but never before in light of being a POET. The highlight of the event was being a part of something so big and grand. Reading, writing, reciting, listening, interviewing, and interweaving. It was absolutely fantastic!!!! I met such wonderful people. We had a dinner […]

Speak Abu Dhabi: Rumi, Gibran, Khayyam and Us

  Dear Travel companions, I am writing to invite you to an event of a life time. I say that in the sense that it has all come together for me as a poet, as a therapist and as a human being. To share the stage with the Grand Masters as well as other poets […]

EARTH DAY Celebrations: New York in the Desert, Poetry Under the Moon

This Earth Day, April 22nd, NYUAD and Women in Film and Television invite you to an evening with the NYUAD Poetry Society and Poetess Bahareh. Bahareh and students from universities in Abu Dhabi will recite poetry accompanied by musicians from NYUAD. Join us for refreshments starting at 6pm, program begins at 6.30pm, at NYU Abu […]

Artwork created by art students, inspired by the Poems of Bahareh

When Stefanie asked me to speak to come in and speak to her art class, I was a bit puzzled.  I thought why would an art teacher be inviting me to speak to her class about poetry, but then she told me that each year she does a unit on calligraphy and the use of […]

Dubomody Performing Arts Festival: poeTea stage

  What a real honor to have been invited to the Dubomody Performing Arts Festival, to be at the same venue as poets known around the world was indeed one of the most incredible feelings. Each person brought with them a bit of their past, their journey and their views of life. Sit back, relax […]

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2012 Tishani Doshi and Bahareh Amidi

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair presents an evening of poetry brought to you by acclaimed female poets Tishani Doshi, arriving from India, and Iranian American Bahareh Amidi, Abu Dhabi’s resident Poetess of Light. The poetry recital will feature at ‘The Tent’ accompanied by guitarist Kalana de Silva, from 6pm until 7pm on Friday the 30th […]

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature: Bahareh at ADULT THE FRINGE

This year the Festival Fringe branches out to include adult performers. Festival goers can choose from a diverse line-up of performances that brings together artists from around the world who call the UAE their home. The poetess of Light, Bahareh covers potent themes like human rights, gender empowerment, life and death, and interfaith harmony. Bahareh […]

“Cell Empty of Light”by Bahareh, Poetry Recital at The Pavillion, Dubai

I just received the You tube link of this wonderful evening from Maitri Somaia, the director and producer of the video for this the poetry recital evening in Dubai. So many scenes come to mind, not only the beautiful comments the people made, but also the powerful  looks they had supported me with during the […]

‘Cell Empty of Light’ poetry recital in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

I ask myself how can anything empty ever be so filled. The evening recital and performance of CELL EMPTY OF LIGHT in Abu Dhabi was a great success. A great success because I was filled with joy and I could see that my accompanists also were filled with light and with delight. Emma Stansfield joined […]

Poetry Therapy Retreat

My looking Ripens Things is the title of this weekends poetry therapy retreat with John Fox. It is incredible to learn how words have such an incredible power to heal.  I have spent the day in a room with eight other women and out guide John and i feel like i have made friends i […]

Evening on the Carousel of Life in Cafe Arabia

Poerty reading by Iranian-American Poet Bahareh Amidi at Cafe Arabia (on 15th between 2nd and karama) June 8th 7:30 pm. Abu Dhabi Come and enjoy an atmosphere filled with light, love and soul from the East and the West. Traditional drink and food is served. Well guess what after ALL these years of wanting my […]