I took this trip to HERE and NOW with RUMI

I took this trip to HERE and NOW with Rumi If I were to to begin from this very moment here now to tell you the tale of the happenings in my life that have brought me here now   I would have to start with the day I heard the call- A loud and […]

The Butterfly out of the Cocoon

How does flight begin….. Well that all depends if we are talking about the flight of soul or the flight of body or in this case flight of a butterfly. I had gone to my friend’s home to go for a walk with her, she said we need to wait for the person that is […]

Today I Light a Candle

Today I light a candle. Today I light a candle in silence but with many tears. I hold my breath as I think of the sisters and brothers around the world. All our brothers and sisters, all who carry the same light in their hearts and all who have the same color blood. All Today […]

The Power of Art and Poetry: Meeting Lanre Olagoke on my Path

There is a story I want to tell you… It was a chance meeting. We were walking in London along with my family when my husband noticed a painting in the window of a gallery, he casually said: “Oh what a nice painting” and walked on. I stopped and looked and told him and the […]

UAE pays tribute to Nelson Mandela: My poem among 67 Inspiring Stories

When 2 years ago a dear friend told me about a tribute that was being organized for Nelson Mandela, I was so touched that there is indeed recognition of such an incredible man. A man who has spent his life giving voice to those that may not otherwise be heard. A man who even when […]

My trip to Palestine planting Olive Trees and visiting Holy Sights

For the Future Planting trees early in spring we make a place for birds to sing in time to come.  How do we know? They are singing here now. There is no other guarantee that singing will ever be. Wendell Berry Thank you to all the people who made this trip possible. Thank you for […]

Breast Cancer Awareness, Thoughts, and Poem

  It  is October once again, and somehow everywhere I look there is pink. Yes, it is Breast Cancer awareness Month. Do I want to know how I can beat the odds and not be the one out of eight women with breast cancer. Yes, I do want to  know. If there is a knowing […]

Malala Yousafzai : Poem dedicated to the Voice of Women and Girls All Around the World

As I sit with the news of Malala Yousufzai’s shooting… I start to consider the importance of being shot in the throat and head. The head where the mind lives and grows and the throat that gives life to the thoughts. Poem about the Voice of Women and Girls all Around the World When I […]

[Interview in English] Malala Yousufzai – the Voice of Courage

  Some times I sit by the computer with out a blink of an eye or a breath. I want to say something about how I feel, but the words do not come out. This is one of those times. When I heard and read about the young girl named Malala that was shot in […]

Operation Smile: Perhaps more beautiful than Mona Lisa smile is Maria’s Smile

I recieved an email about a month ago from Vivek Mukherjee asking if I would do poetry recital at a fund-raiser for Operation Smile.  At that moment in time, I did not know much about this wonderful organization. I accepted happily, but as time goes by and the more I learn about Operation Smile, the […]

Fathers Day Poem

On this father’s day I feel fortunate to know what a true father looks like On this father’s day I am lucky to have sensed the touch of a kind heart Who was with me at birth and with whom I was at death My father helped me believe who I was And that was […]

Villaggio Mall Doha Qatar Fire, A tribute to fire fighters

It is hard to find the place in my throat where a sound may come and I may say a few words. On such days, as today, another 13, 19, or more die. But on such a day, the children do not die of famine, disease or earthquake. They die of a fire inside a […]

A Poet’s thoughts about ARABANA a short film by Nayla Al Khaja at TEDx Abu Dhabi

  Nayla Al Khaja shared one of her short films with us called Arabana, during TEDx Abu Dhabi.  Please only watch the film knowing  it is the story of abuse and neglect of a little girl and only if you are in the space and mind to watch such a movie.  While watching the film I […]

Memorial Day 2012: A POEM

Memorial Day How does one mark the days that one does not remember How does one mark a grave with no name but only with a life inside no longer It is in service that most of these burials have happened and it is in remembering that we remind ourselves it is good not to […]

Mothers Day Poem and Thoughts…. Indeed BEST JOB

MOTHER’S DAY: On this day if you were to say only two lines to your mother, what might it be? Perhaps… Mother dear, you gave me a warm home when I did not even know the meaning of home Mother dear, your arms protected me when I awakened you at all odd hours of the […]

Happy International Nurse’s Day May 12, 2012. A Gratitude to Florence Nightingale and YOU

Today I would like to honor all those nurses around the world who wear white on their shoulders and blood on their hands. Today I would like to honor all those nurses around the world that sit at the bedside of your mother and mine when we are too weak or busy. Today I would […]

A Treasure Hunt into the Heart of Special Needs Children at the Royal Stables

What a magical morning I have just spent at the Royal Stable in Abu Dhabi with Children, Parents, Trees, Birds and Bees and Horses and even Angles with no wings. “These children are students with special needs from AIS and this event is organized by the moms 4sn. Students with special needs invited one of […]

A Poem About Down Syndrome and Sultan

  Sultan The name of someone grand I see a mother call her son He is one born with down syndrome But he will always be the king of the land for her Her love is not negotiable the syndrome of the child invisible Other related Poems: A Poem on Autism Horses and Special Needs […]

A Poem Dedicated to the Parents of Special Needs Children and Mother Teresa

  “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.” (Mother Teresa)  I remember meeting a lady about 3 years ago while watching our daughters swim We shared a few niceties and then the question of how many children do you have came up […]

Horses and Special Needs Children

The Beauty of Friendship  There are times when a beast can best hear a gentle heart beat There are times that special needs means only that a child needs to hold the rein of a horse and feel its power There are times when one can not explain the beauty of a friendship  It is […]

A Poem about Autism

How does one allow oneself to write about Autism when one is not From what I have read, watched and seen and heard I realize that it is a state of BEING Being here and now and Present at times with TOO many thoughts around Being here and now and Present and with NO ONE […]

Earth Day 2012: Mobilizing the Earth with a Poem

Let us say that we each wanted to make a vow today Let us say that we each wanted to hold a hand today Let us say that we each wanted to plant a tree today It is really in the reality of accepting that we are not doing favors for others but only in […]

Easter Sunday…A poem about Resurrection here on earth

I have been waiting for this moment for all my life I have been waiting for the arrival of me to recognize myself resurrected as The Child of God Today is the day we celebrate the birth and rebirth of Jesus Today is the day I celebrate recognizing myself with no clothes on I have […]

Ooo or Omm

To say Ooo Or Omm or to sit in a mosque you can pray with the voice of a child There are no undertones There is only reality in the flow of the River    

The Twinkle in the Sky

The reflection of the star covers the sea my soul can no longer hold the feelings I feel the boat that holds all the life vests has been lost in the deep of the night the twinkle of light will help me find the shimmering star within      

The Chorus

The chorus is singing the Praise to the Lord I know there is ONE they praise I sense it in the web that connects the vocal chords of the children singing the Praise of God      

Looking Out From in Here

I am here looking within there are so many windows those that are glass and those that are steel The opening to the window of my heart needs the protection of steel to protect my delicate heart and it needs the clarity of glass to let through the glow coming from my heart


They tell me to sit They tell me to light a candle burn some incense sing a chant How can I sit with this joy of God in me The candle is lit from inside The Aroma of Life

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2012 Tishani Doshi and Bahareh Amidi

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair presents an evening of poetry brought to you by acclaimed female poets Tishani Doshi, arriving from India, and Iranian American Bahareh Amidi, Abu Dhabi’s resident Poetess of Light. The poetry recital will feature at ‘The Tent’ accompanied by guitarist Kalana de Silva, from 6pm until 7pm on Friday the 30th […]

UAE Olympic Tribute A Poem on Mother’s Day

For this mothers day, I chose this picture taken by Atiq-ur-Rahman, Gulf News of a son who is a champion in front of the world, and yet he shows such subdued respect to his mother who bore him to life. MOTHER’S DAY: On this day if you were to say only two lines to your […]

The Four Legged Wise Friend I Found in the Royal Stable

The enormous body of the horse does not only signify his strength, but his wisdom The quiet demeanor of the pony does not speak of the silence but of the thoughts going on in the animal’s head The softness of the skin is the welcoming invitation to touch and feel the warmth of life The […]

International Women’s Day 2012, A Poem about Women

  EMPOWER RURAL WOMEN – END HUNGER AND POVERTY. “Invest in rural women. Eliminate discrimination against them in law and in practice. Ensure that policies respond to their needs. Give them equal access to resources. Provide rural women with a role in decision-making.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is: […]

A Poem about the Tsunami in Japan. One year Later

THE WHITE CHERRY BLOSSOMS IN JAPAN The white cherry blossoms of the beautiful Japanese trees being washed away by the tsunami. The nuclear reactor is only the sign of the angry feelings upon the sky. The shaking of the earth in the earthquake with the magnitude of hundreds of thousand of lives. The reality of […]

A Poem About “A Separation”, Academy Awards and Life’s Rewards

The realities of life start to make sense when generations can understand the reason for life When a father has Alzheimer all others may not be able to bear all that he does not recall The unborn child is even affected at the cries of the father bearing judgement and life And now for a country […]

A Poem About Mothers

At first thought it seems easy to write a poem about one’s mother After all this is the person I have known since before birth This is the person that has helped me come through the passage or canal of life This is the person who has fed my body while singing lullaby to my […]

Our Land, Our Universe, Our Deserts filled with no Rain, Birds flying with no Wings

CAMELS IN THE DESERT I see the baby deer sucking at his mother’s milk. I realize everyone is milking the earth of all it has. All the natural resources, the oil, the trees, and all that is under the sea. We are giving nothing back in return except for pollution of the air, the water […]

Where is My White Cane?

Deep in my heart there is a light deep in my soul there I see a sorrow a sorrow for having lived for a moment and then again having fallen asleep as I write the tears blur my vision just as when I breath the unpure air of this unreal world my sight is blurred […]

Sleepless eyes

How can it be to close ones eyes and wait for the familiar friend and yet the friend does not arrive The friend that has been with me since birth and even beyond Sleep is such a space I long for Space is such a friend I wait for tonight From the place above the […]

A Poem about Sadness

Sadness is much like a colony of mushrooms that start to overtake a dark forest. First there is the forest, then there are the trees, then there is the darkness and the damp air and moist soil, then there is the cooing of the owls and the calling of the kayotes. Then in that space […]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day 2012 Poem for that Special Someone. What would Khalil Gibran say:

Well here is the day, I started posting Valentine’s Poetry last week I even mentioned I started thinking about this day a year ago right after this day had come and gone. But you, you have left it for this last last minute to call your friend to ask what she recommends you do. Little […]

A Poem for Valentine’s day 2012

I start to anticipate Valentine’s day the day after Valentine’s day I start to remember when I was in secondary school and every one got dozens of those small cards and candy shaped hearts and ONE special card and One special candy heart The hearts I had been given those days all had letters on […]

A Valentine’s Day Poem: Especially if you have lost someone you love

On this day of love and hugs and kisses It is important to recall that there are those who have lost a love One can lose a love to another One can lose a love due to lack of respect and giving worth And yet it is possible one may have lost a love to […]

A Poem on Wind

The wind woke me up at 4:55 in the morning. There is not sign of sun rising and of coarse sun set was many hours gone. I listened as I peeped one ear from the blanket and I could not recognize the song. Was it going to be a glorious day that would tell of […]

The World Press Photo of The Year 2011 in Words

The picture which speaks a thousand and one words with out even seeing the mouths of the speakers The picture which captures humanity in its nudity and humanity veiled The picture which shows the hands of a healer wearing white gloves Notice the gloves which seem to bear holes on the top as if that […]

A Poem about Body Parts

    Last night before I was falling asleep, I started imagining what if each night before I wanted to sleep I had to dismantle myself and put myself piece by piece on the bedside table;what would be left.I am not quite sure of what would be left,but let me start by the beginning of […]

A Poem About Love

Love should in fact be one of the easiest things to write about. And yet for me the concept of love is one I know but to put the concept into words is not an easy one. There is the word LOVE which means to have positive feelings for, feeling of acceptance, tolerance and respect. […]

A Poem on Death and Dying

To write about death, one must first define death. Is death simply when we stop breathing or is it in fact when we stop living. I would like to acknowledge that I have experienced my own death, I do not mean an out-of-body experience, but more so, I mean an out-of-state of mind experience. Not […]

A Poem On Marriage

I thought for a while before I took my pen in hand and blessed the pages with my thoughts about marriage and wedding vows. In my years I have witnessed marriages that have been nothing but boredom and disrespect for the other’s being. I have also had the great fortune of witnessing marriages that have […]

Poem on Life

If life were the breaths we were taking and nothing else but that its emptiness would be felt as soon as a breath was let out and there was no one around to feel the warmth Life is the sequence of events that start to happen to us as we step foot into the world […]

A Poem About Birth

When we think of birth we think of an infant being born into the world. When I think of birth I think of the seed in gestation that has been awakened to see the light. So if today is your birthday, it can be the day you were born out of the womb and into […]