Operation Smile: Perhaps more beautiful than Mona Lisa smile is Maria’s Smile

I recieved an email about a month ago from Vivek Mukherjee asking if I would do poetry recital at a fund-raiser for Operation Smile.  At that moment in time, I did not know much about this wonderful organization. I accepted happily, but as time goes by and the more I learn about Operation Smile, the […]

Villaggio Mall Doha Qatar Fire, A tribute to fire fighters

It is hard to find the place in my throat where a sound may come and I may say a few words. On such days, as today, another 13, 19, or more die. But on such a day, the children do not die of famine, disease or earthquake. They die of a fire inside a […]

A Poet’s thoughts about ARABANA a short film by Nayla Al Khaja at TEDx Abu Dhabi

  Nayla Al Khaja shared one of her short films with us called Arabana, during TEDx Abu Dhabi.  Please only watch the film knowing  it is the story of abuse and neglect of a little girl and only if you are in the space and mind to watch such a movie.  While watching the film I […]

A Treasure Hunt into the Heart of Special Needs Children at the Royal Stables

What a magical morning I have just spent at the Royal Stable in Abu Dhabi with Children, Parents, Trees, Birds and Bees and Horses and even Angles with no wings. “These children are students with special needs from AIS and this event is organized by the moms 4sn. Students with special needs invited one of […]

A Poem About Down Syndrome and Sultan

  Sultan The name of someone grand I see a mother call her son He is one born with down syndrome But he will always be the king of the land for her Her love is not negotiable the syndrome of the child invisible Other related Poems: A Poem on Autism Horses and Special Needs […]

A Poem Dedicated to the Parents of Special Needs Children and Mother Teresa

  “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.” (Mother Teresa)  I remember meeting a lady about 3 years ago while watching our daughters swim We shared a few niceties and then the question of how many children do you have came up […]

Horses and Special Needs Children

The Beauty of Friendship  There are times when a beast can best hear a gentle heart beat There are times that special needs means only that a child needs to hold the rein of a horse and feel its power There are times when one can not explain the beauty of a friendship  It is […]

A Poem about Autism

How does one allow oneself to write about Autism when one is not From what I have read, watched and seen and heard I realize that it is a state of BEING Being here and now and Present at times with TOO many thoughts around Being here and now and Present and with NO ONE […]

A Poem About Birth

When we think of birth we think of an infant being born into the world. When I think of birth I think of the seed in gestation that has been awakened to see the light. So if today is your birthday, it can be the day you were born out of the womb and into […]

The first REAL POEM OF 2012. Is this a Resolution?

It had been a while since i had written….. Sure I had written a few poems here and there, but nothing that FELT like ANYTHING. Until this morning when I woke up at around four am. I wanted to go back to sleep, but then i listened to my SELF and I got up and […]

The Elders sitting in Kindergarten The Fools sitting in UN

(While visiting a Kindergarten class… I wrote)   Where have I been all this time I have been looking for wisdom among the elders of town and sea Today as I sit in a room full of respectful and respected souls with bodies around five years old I realize Wisdom and kindness comes in all […]