Today I Light a Candle

Today I light a candle. Today I light a candle in silence but with many tears. I hold my breath as I think of the sisters and brothers around the world. All our brothers and sisters, all who carry the same light in their hearts and all who have the same color blood. All Today […]

Villaggio Mall Doha Qatar Fire, A tribute to fire fighters

It is hard to find the place in my throat where a sound may come and I may say a few words. On such days, as today, another 13, 19, or more die. But on such a day, the children do not die of famine, disease or earthquake. They die of a fire inside a […]

Memorial Day 2012: A POEM

Memorial Day How does one mark the days that one does not remember How does one mark a grave with no name but only with a life inside no longer It is in service that most of these burials have happened and it is in remembering that we remind ourselves it is good not to […]

A Poem about the Tsunami in Japan. One year Later

THE WHITE CHERRY BLOSSOMS IN JAPAN The white cherry blossoms of the beautiful Japanese trees being washed away by the tsunami. The nuclear reactor is only the sign of the angry feelings upon the sky. The shaking of the earth in the earthquake with the magnitude of hundreds of thousand of lives. The reality of […]

A Valentine’s Day Poem: Especially if you have lost someone you love

On this day of love and hugs and kisses It is important to recall that there are those who have lost a love One can lose a love to another One can lose a love due to lack of respect and giving worth And yet it is possible one may have lost a love to […]

A Poem about Body Parts

    Last night before I was falling asleep, I started imagining what if each night before I wanted to sleep I had to dismantle myself and put myself piece by piece on the bedside table;what would be left.I am not quite sure of what would be left,but let me start by the beginning of […]

A Poem on Death and Dying

To write about death, one must first define death. Is death simply when we stop breathing or is it in fact when we stop living. I would like to acknowledge that I have experienced my own death, I do not mean an out-of-body experience, but more so, I mean an out-of-state of mind experience. Not […]

The first REAL POEM OF 2012. Is this a Resolution?

It had been a while since i had written….. Sure I had written a few poems here and there, but nothing that FELT like ANYTHING. Until this morning when I woke up at around four am. I wanted to go back to sleep, but then i listened to my SELF and I got up and […]