UAE pays tribute to Nelson Mandela: My poem among 67 Inspiring Stories

When 2 years ago a dear friend told me about a tribute that was being organized for Nelson Mandela, I was so touched that there is indeed recognition of such an incredible man. A man who has spent his life giving voice to those that may not otherwise be heard. A man who even when […]

My trip to Palestine planting Olive Trees and visiting Holy Sights

For the Future Planting trees early in spring we make a place for birds to sing in time to come.  How do we know? They are singing here now. There is no other guarantee that singing will ever be. Wendell Berry Thank you to all the people who made this trip possible. Thank you for […]

Fathers Day Poem

On this father’s day I feel fortunate to know what a true father looks like On this father’s day I am lucky to have sensed the touch of a kind heart Who was with me at birth and with whom I was at death My father helped me believe who I was And that was […]

Villaggio Mall Doha Qatar Fire, A tribute to fire fighters

It is hard to find the place in my throat where a sound may come and I may say a few words. On such days, as today, another 13, 19, or more die. But on such a day, the children do not die of famine, disease or earthquake. They die of a fire inside a […]

A Poet’s thoughts about ARABANA a short film by Nayla Al Khaja at TEDx Abu Dhabi

  Nayla Al Khaja shared one of her short films with us called Arabana, during TEDx Abu Dhabi.  Please only watch the film knowing  it is the story of abuse and neglect of a little girl and only if you are in the space and mind to watch such a movie.  While watching the film I […]

Happy International Nurse’s Day May 12, 2012. A Gratitude to Florence Nightingale and YOU

Today I would like to honor all those nurses around the world who wear white on their shoulders and blood on their hands. Today I would like to honor all those nurses around the world that sit at the bedside of your mother and mine when we are too weak or busy. Today I would […]

A Treasure Hunt into the Heart of Special Needs Children at the Royal Stables

What a magical morning I have just spent at the Royal Stable in Abu Dhabi with Children, Parents, Trees, Birds and Bees and Horses and even Angles with no wings. “These children are students with special needs from AIS and this event is organized by the moms 4sn. Students with special needs invited one of […]

A Poem About Down Syndrome and Sultan

  Sultan The name of someone grand I see a mother call her son He is one born with down syndrome But he will always be the king of the land for her Her love is not negotiable the syndrome of the child invisible Other related Poems: A Poem on Autism Horses and Special Needs […]

A Poem Dedicated to the Parents of Special Needs Children and Mother Teresa

  “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.” (Mother Teresa)  I remember meeting a lady about 3 years ago while watching our daughters swim We shared a few niceties and then the question of how many children do you have came up […]

Horses and Special Needs Children

The Beauty of Friendship  There are times when a beast can best hear a gentle heart beat There are times that special needs means only that a child needs to hold the rein of a horse and feel its power There are times when one can not explain the beauty of a friendship  It is […]

A Poem about Autism

How does one allow oneself to write about Autism when one is not From what I have read, watched and seen and heard I realize that it is a state of BEING Being here and now and Present at times with TOO many thoughts around Being here and now and Present and with NO ONE […]

Easter Sunday…A poem about Resurrection here on earth

I have been waiting for this moment for all my life I have been waiting for the arrival of me to recognize myself resurrected as The Child of God Today is the day we celebrate the birth and rebirth of Jesus Today is the day I celebrate recognizing myself with no clothes on I have […]

A Poem about the Tsunami in Japan. One year Later

THE WHITE CHERRY BLOSSOMS IN JAPAN The white cherry blossoms of the beautiful Japanese trees being washed away by the tsunami. The nuclear reactor is only the sign of the angry feelings upon the sky. The shaking of the earth in the earthquake with the magnitude of hundreds of thousand of lives. The reality of […]

A Poem About “A Separation”, Academy Awards and Life’s Rewards

The realities of life start to make sense when generations can understand the reason for life When a father has Alzheimer all others may not be able to bear all that he does not recall The unborn child is even affected at the cries of the father bearing judgement and life And now for a country […]

Our Land, Our Universe, Our Deserts filled with no Rain, Birds flying with no Wings

CAMELS IN THE DESERT I see the baby deer sucking at his mother’s milk. I realize everyone is milking the earth of all it has. All the natural resources, the oil, the trees, and all that is under the sea. We are giving nothing back in return except for pollution of the air, the water […]

A Poem about Sadness

Sadness is much like a colony of mushrooms that start to overtake a dark forest. First there is the forest, then there are the trees, then there is the darkness and the damp air and moist soil, then there is the cooing of the owls and the calling of the kayotes. Then in that space […]

The World Press Photo of The Year 2011 in Words

The picture which speaks a thousand and one words with out even seeing the mouths of the speakers The picture which captures humanity in its nudity and humanity veiled The picture which shows the hands of a healer wearing white gloves Notice the gloves which seem to bear holes on the top as if that […]

A Poem on Death and Dying

To write about death, one must first define death. Is death simply when we stop breathing or is it in fact when we stop living. I would like to acknowledge that I have experienced my own death, I do not mean an out-of-body experience, but more so, I mean an out-of-state of mind experience. Not […]

Poem on Life

If life were the breaths we were taking and nothing else but that its emptiness would be felt as soon as a breath was let out and there was no one around to feel the warmth Life is the sequence of events that start to happen to us as we step foot into the world […]

Have you ever thought what it means to “Tell the Truth”? THE RAW TRUTH !!

The excerpts on this particular blog were written March of last year. Every now and then I go back to my faithful journals and I pick one up to read…. to touch to breath…. On this day, January 13th 2012, I reached for a journal called the Raw Truth. Please consider for a moment in […]

The first REAL POEM OF 2012. Is this a Resolution?

It had been a while since i had written….. Sure I had written a few poems here and there, but nothing that FELT like ANYTHING. Until this morning when I woke up at around four am. I wanted to go back to sleep, but then i listened to my SELF and I got up and […]

The Beautiful Colors of the World

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Kenya……. My heart and soul have been nurtured with the colors and senses of another world and yet the same world.  A reminder that we are all connected by the same color blood and by the same ray of light.  

The Invisible Sign on the Wall

(Sitting in school boardroom May 24th 8:00 pm) As I sit I noticed a very Big Bill Board I had seen month after month but had never swallowed its writing and depth 27000000 in Modern Day SLAVERY All Around The World I kept counting the zeros What does it mean Maybe if the important people […]

The beautiful yellow canary

The beautiful yellow canary sits upon a tree One day the canary decides to fly away With the flapping of his wings He looses more and more grace and starts to shiver in the warm sun that shows his truth All the years of sitting upon the tree and watching as the days turned to […]