I took this trip to HERE and NOW with RUMI

I took this trip to HERE and NOW with Rumi If I were to to begin from this very moment here now to tell you the tale of the happenings in my life that have brought me here now   I would have to start with the day I heard the call- A loud and […]

The Butterfly out of the Cocoon

How does flight begin….. Well that all depends if we are talking about the flight of soul or the flight of body or in this case flight of a butterfly. I had gone to my friend’s home to go for a walk with her, she said we need to wait for the person that is […]

The Power of Art and Poetry: Meeting Lanre Olagoke on my Path

There is a story I want to tell you… It was a chance meeting. We were walking in London along with my family when my husband noticed a painting in the window of a gallery, he casually said: “Oh what a nice painting” and walked on. I stopped and looked and told him and the […]

My trip to Palestine planting Olive Trees and visiting Holy Sights

For the Future Planting trees early in spring we make a place for birds to sing in time to come.  How do we know? They are singing here now. There is no other guarantee that singing will ever be. Wendell Berry Thank you to all the people who made this trip possible. Thank you for […]

Fathers Day Poem

On this father’s day I feel fortunate to know what a true father looks like On this father’s day I am lucky to have sensed the touch of a kind heart Who was with me at birth and with whom I was at death My father helped me believe who I was And that was […]

A Poem about Sadness

Sadness is much like a colony of mushrooms that start to overtake a dark forest. First there is the forest, then there are the trees, then there is the darkness and the damp air and moist soil, then there is the cooing of the owls and the calling of the kayotes. Then in that space […]

A Poem about Body Parts

    Last night before I was falling asleep, I started imagining what if each night before I wanted to sleep I had to dismantle myself and put myself piece by piece on the bedside table;what would be left.I am not quite sure of what would be left,but let me start by the beginning of […]

A Poem On Marriage

I thought for a while before I took my pen in hand and blessed the pages with my thoughts about marriage and wedding vows. In my years I have witnessed marriages that have been nothing but boredom and disrespect for the other’s being. I have also had the great fortune of witnessing marriages that have […]

Poem on Life

If life were the breaths we were taking and nothing else but that its emptiness would be felt as soon as a breath was let out and there was no one around to feel the warmth Life is the sequence of events that start to happen to us as we step foot into the world […]

A Poem About Birth

When we think of birth we think of an infant being born into the world. When I think of birth I think of the seed in gestation that has been awakened to see the light. So if today is your birthday, it can be the day you were born out of the womb and into […]

Have you ever thought what it means to “Tell the Truth”? THE RAW TRUTH !!

The excerpts on this particular blog were written March of last year. Every now and then I go back to my faithful journals and I pick one up to read…. to touch to breath…. On this day, January 13th 2012, I reached for a journal called the Raw Truth. Please consider for a moment in […]

The first REAL POEM OF 2012. Is this a Resolution?

It had been a while since i had written….. Sure I had written a few poems here and there, but nothing that FELT like ANYTHING. Until this morning when I woke up at around four am. I wanted to go back to sleep, but then i listened to my SELF and I got up and […]