Ooo or Omm

To say Ooo Or Omm or to sit in a mosque you can pray with the voice of a child There are no undertones There is only reality in the flow of the River    

The Twinkle in the Sky

The reflection of the star covers the sea my soul can no longer hold the feelings I feel the boat that holds all the life vests has been lost in the deep of the night the twinkle of light will help me find the shimmering star within      

Looking Out From in Here

I am here looking within there are so many windows those that are glass and those that are steel The opening to the window of my heart needs the protection of steel to protect my delicate heart and it needs the clarity of glass to let through the glow coming from my heart


They tell me to sit They tell me to light a candle burn some incense sing a chant How can I sit with this joy of God in me The candle is lit from inside The Aroma of Life

Where is My White Cane?

Deep in my heart there is a light deep in my soul there I see a sorrow a sorrow for having lived for a moment and then again having fallen asleep as I write the tears blur my vision just as when I breath the unpure air of this unreal world my sight is blurred […]

Sleepless eyes

How can it be to close ones eyes and wait for the familiar friend and yet the friend does not arrive The friend that has been with me since birth and even beyond Sleep is such a space I long for Space is such a friend I wait for tonight From the place above the […]

A Poem about Body Parts

    Last night before I was falling asleep, I started imagining what if each night before I wanted to sleep I had to dismantle myself and put myself piece by piece on the bedside table;what would be left.I am not quite sure of what would be left,but let me start by the beginning of […]

The first REAL POEM OF 2012. Is this a Resolution?

It had been a while since i had written….. Sure I had written a few poems here and there, but nothing that FELT like ANYTHING. Until this morning when I woke up at around four am. I wanted to go back to sleep, but then i listened to my SELF and I got up and […]

Deconstructing Constructions

I was walking just a few days ago when i came upon THIS. Two buildings side by side. One of them half demolished the other looking at his own fate. I am not sure  exactly what captured my sight and my being. Perhaps because i noticed a pink room and a green room and i […]

I finally found the bridge leading from here to Now

Sitting on this beautiful bridge on top of the clouds I finally realize that the bridge I’ve been looking for is not a bridge between somewhere to somewhere or no where to HERE As I sit on the bridge in the clouds I realize it is not the destination that matters it is more the […]

Still missing one piece of the Puzzle

( Friday May 27 8:20 am 2011) I can see my truth budding in the spring of my life But I still find myself puzzled by all that surrounds me There are shades of colors among my petals I can hardly see any more of the shades of gray that ruled my world I am […]

My shoes have a Mind of their OWN

(May 25th 12:07 am got home half hour ago from long board meeting) I arrived home seven minutes after it was yesterday I knew exactly where i wanted to go I knew in my heart But my mind and my feet were uncertain of the way to take It is easy to know Just close […]

The fountain of love is here and so near…

(After having spent the evening at Farrukh jan’s home with the family who embraced the birth of and we celebrated together) I have been lying asleep all my life not even a wink of an eye Asleep to the everyday birth of the grand birthday that just came and went I realize now that […]