Spreading Love and Light at the Ladies Labor Camp in Abu Dhabi

I would like to thank members of the ACS community especially Julia Grifferty and Nuno Andrade for inviting me to be part of a magical afternoon at the ladies camp in Khalifa City A. The purpose of the gathering for me was to have a time away from the daily life, both for the students […]

I took this trip to HERE and NOW with RUMI

I took this trip to HERE and NOW with Rumi If I were to to begin from this very moment here now to tell you the tale of the happenings in my life that have brought me here now   I would have to start with the day I heard the call- A loud and […]

Space Meets Time – iPhone Art Meets Words

I can hardly believe it, it is almost a year ago that my dear friend Linda Hollier shared with me one of her pieces. Well, let me go back a few years actually to the coincidental way we met. I was learning how to use Twitter, my dear friend, teacher and brother Farrukh Naeem and […]

The pages of my life

I am once again sitting, this time with all my journals around me. I have never done this before, i have never actually numbered them… Until now… There are 29 journals…. or books… with different covers, titles and themes…. And yet every single one speaks only of ONE…. ONE LIGHT ONE TRUTH ONE REALITY ONE […]